Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in LA.

“Nature blesses LA. Nature flees LA. Nature returns armed.”

This one quote stood out to me because no matter what we do whether we talk, walk, see, or  hear, it’s all nature.

Jennifer Price talks about the 13 ways that you could see nature in a place everyone thinks has nothing of. I for one believe that nature is everywhere. Nature is us human beings, the air we breathe, the grass on the floor, the insects flying around, and all the trees that surround. Price says that LA is equally full as nature as Yosemite Park, many can disagree but I agree one hundred percent.

Nature isn’t just about how green a patch of land is, it is the beauty of it all, the way a human being creates something out of nothing. The way the weather destroys and revives. Many believe that nature has to remain untouched in order to be considered nature, but the nature is a never ending cycle, and one day all of LA will be the same way it was before all of the buildings.



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