The Wilderness Sanctuary

The Wilderness Sanctuary is a contradiction to what it is suppose to represent. It is suppose to represent an area of wildlife, somewhere where it isn’t maintained and animals are wild. I got a different understanding of what it was, I saw man made bridges and sprinklers everywhere, paths created by humans and a stream that is questionably natural? Although walking through it made me feel different, and like I was somewhere else, I can’t help but to think we are in a gated area that was meant to keep the wildlife inside.

Sitting down and thinking about how the sun peaked though some trees and hit my back ever so slightly and the cool breeze that touched my skin. Or even walking around and hearing the leaves crunch as I walked over them, my mind felt at ease. I began to wonder how everything started as nothing and with the power of natural it looks like a community of different plants, trees, and creatures.

The smell of musky pine takes me back to the day my family and I took a trip to Hungry Valley CA. It is considered a desert, and the drive there you see close to no life. Shortly after arriving to the designated campgrounds we took a ride into a trail and that ended up leading to a dried river, surrounding the river were trees. Extremely large pine trees and it made me feel so incredibly free.

The human brain is constantly running and thinking of so many different things that it is fairly easy to become stressed and mentally drained, so these man creations, The Wildlife Sanctuary in Mt. Sac, are made to serve several purposes not only to learn from them but to escape the mind.


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