Research Proposal

My topic is plastic bags. The damage they are doing to the environment and why they are being banned in southern California.

My main points are the damage plastic can be to the environment on land, in the ocean, and to us human beings. Bag pollution is damaging southern California oceans and landfills. – “A brief Analysis of Organic  Pollutants Sorbed to Pre and Post Production Plastic Particles from the Los Angeles and San Gabriel River Watersheds”  by C.J. Moore, G.L. Lattin, A.F. Zellers. – “Can the world solve the plastic waste problem?” By Robert Keiner – “Drowning the Oceans in Plastic” by Mark Gold and Cara Horowitz

What interests me the most about this topic is that people would want to be against banning plastic bags when there is no good that comes from using plastic.


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