“Fail in the streets and the crews would catch you slipping and take your body. Fail in the schools and you would be suspended and sent back to those same streets, where they would take your body.” (Coates 33).

The author is explaining that the schools are constantly asking to see the best in kids that go to school but if aren’t at their best will be sent home.If the problem is starting at home then the schools aren’t helping the student by ending them home. It will become a vicious cycle and no progress would be made. The constant fear of one having to protect them selves and have a guard up can be exhausting especially at the one place you thought you could be safe.

I feel as if this is very relevant because the people that need to be focused on or given more attention are not and instead are being pushed away rather than being helped. Suspension only helps the school get rid of the “problem” for a certain amount of time and hope they come back with perfect behavior.

The intention as Coates says is good, the intention isn’t to for kids to believe that there is no hope but the result says different. They go back to the streets where they are fighting for their lives everyday and try to become the “tough guy” so there is some sense of respect towards them. Then back to the school where everyone sees them as the “problem”.

I agree with the author, this is a cycle where the schools intention needs to be looked at and seen that suspending isn’t helping the cause.





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