“… I’d glimpsed all those years ago watching my father reach for his belt, watching the suburban dispatches in my living room, watching the golden-haired boys with their toy trucks and football cards, and dimly perceiving the great barrier between the world and me.” (Coates 65).

Coates views the world as such a beautiful place for the white people. They have everything they could ask for and their parents didn’t treat them the way he was being treated.He felt as if there is a wall that is separating him against the “dream” the life everyone think of when they say the American dream, but that wasn’t the life Coates was living.

He was taught to take care of his body in a way others do not have to worry about. If hes too aggressive he would loose his body, if he wasn’t aggressive enough he would loose his body. The constant life of fear was something known to him even as a young boy. Living in the streets seeing violence happen day to day. Of course there was differences from the world people saw to what was true.

From personal experience i understand the author, I to am a minority living in California and my parents raised me quite similar to Coates. We were in constant fear of upsetting police, the streets weren’t as welcoming as we would like and violence was a common thing. You tend to feel alienated from the perfect families you see in the movies.



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