“And no one would be brought to account for this destruction, because my death would not be the fault of any human but the fault of some unfortunate but immutable fact of “race,” imposed upon an innocent country by the inscrutable judgement of invisible gods.” (Coates 86).

Coates explains that in this country race is something made up by the people to categorize one another. To assign a human being to a class, either being high or low class. This race is what causes the death of many individuals every day. We have a mindset that just because we see another color other than white that they must be up to no good. They must have bad intentions and therefore be punished on the actions that we assume they were going to take before they even do anything. in this case it is death.

I agree with Coates on the fact that race is something completely made up of people who simply want to judge one another without sounding insanely racist. I believe that it is a word that simply tells the world where you are from and then puts you in a category.

I strongly disagree with Coates argument when he states that  it is no ones fault but the “race” for people who die because of racism. No one is born hating a certain type of person, no one becomes that way unless they are taught a certain mindset. Only we can blame ourselves for ever thinking any less of someone because if their skin color.



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