Group Essay Proposal

What is the problem with structural/institutional racism as you see it?   

  • Immigrants aren’t getting proper health care because of their low income, and the environment they live in.
  • Unequal opportunities.

Who is affected by this problem? Why?

  • Low income individuals
  • Immigrants
  • Families
  • Children

What is your solution?

  • Offer free clinics supporting people who don’t have the proper money
  • Offer programs that can help immigrants pursue a nursing career and be able to be given the same opportunities as citizens
  • Racial inequalities in the health care system: Low income households would not be able to afford regular clinical treatments.
  • Opening a free or low cost clinic to the community
  • Providing diversity in health care provides fair and equitable care

How feasible is it?

  • slightly feasible, it is not easy to make everyone to agree that immigrants are

How effective would it be?

  • Very effective, free clinics with proper nursing and health care can really improve the lives of the immigrants.

What types of racism would it address?

  • Structural racism  

Have a list of six sources you will use.

Provide brief summary explaining what ideas/quotations will you use from those sources.

Create an outline for your essay.

Be clear about where each source will be used in the essay.


  • Medical care

How is this group objectified?  

  • Seen as low income individuals who are not able to afford the healthcare cost and won’t be able to pay and, so, are turned away.

How do institutional structures create inequalities for this group?

  • Health care that is not sensitive/considerate to each individual’s unique health problem(s) may cause individuals to sustain life threatening problems.

How do social obstacles create inequalities for this group?

  • Unequal job opportunities
  • Environment/city you live in

What are some of the effects of these institutional and social inequalities on the people of this group?

  • Not having proper treatment or not taking preventative action can cause the individuals to have long term problems or even be fatal.

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