Article + Research Reflection About Nature

In order to write my essay i did a lot of brainstorming, i had to write out some of my main ideas down, and figure out the top ideas i had to write all of my body paragraphs about. Then i tried to write as much details, opinions, and any thing that could be useful for the body paragraphs. I tend to get into a zone and ideas just come out naturally once i have been thinking about my topic. Afterward I reorganize everything so that there is a good flow throughout my essay. It is very important to reread and alter or move around anything that seems out of place.

I then revised my conclusion and made sure all of the important topics were brought up in the conclusion. I feel as if my introduction really sets the mood for the whole essay, it brings an image, a story, and emotion to the readers head. I could have had more statistics and facts as i would like but over all i am not disappointed.

I researched credible websites, trusted newspapers, and google scholar. I did lack in some more sources, if i had a couple more sources it could have made my essay more persuasive.  I also wish i could have had more sources from books, television, or radio.




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