My experience with collaborating was very enjoyable. At first I do admit I was scared that I would be doing all of the work or one of my classmates would refuse to do their part, but luckily my group consisted of Veronica and myself. When beginning the rough draft it was really rough, she offered to do the introduction so I waited so I could start on the body paragraphs we would work on it at different times and sometimes it was difficult to write about something when the other person hasn’t written about what they said they would. I was a little bit worried that the essay wouldn’t flow but when we finally decided to meet up outside of class to revise and put together our work it came together nicely. We met up at a Panera and spent a good 3/4 hours revising and writing more ideas that we came up together.  It was hard to meet up with our different schedules and random events that would come up but we did our best. The final revision was rereading it together and catching each other’s mistakes. Because we both have different ways of writing and you are so used to seeing your own way of writing it can be hard to see your mistakes. Once we reread our work we were both very satisfied with the final product. The result of this essay was so extremely satisfying, scoring a 90/100 I couldn’t have asked for a better score, Veronica and myself were extremely happy and very proud of ourselves.


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