Cover Letter

Since the beginning of this semester I have grown as a writer a great amount. Before this semester the most I could write was 4 pages, I couldn’t use as much concrete details as I can now. Leaving this class I can say that a 7 page essay does not scare me as it use to. If you have the proper research and an idea of what to write about I can easily express my ideas in a clear way. My biggest goal that I accomplished this semester was being able to write research papers.

The research process isn’t easy and it was fairly new to me in the beginning of the semester. I was afraid that I was going to completely fail at writing but I managed to learn from my mistakes and grow. The hardest part about the research process was when we were instructed to collect primary research. Having to go out in public and survey people who I did not know was extremely difficult for me since I am more on the shy side. There is a lot of trial and error in the process of the research, at first I would think I had all of the sources I needed but as you begin the writing process the sources you have may not fit the direction you chose to write. While interviewing I also noticed that some of the questions I asked were not necessary and I could have asked others that mattered more and could have given me better support on my papers. It defiantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and it made me realizes how much you actually must survey and observe in order to collect data that is credible.

The revision process is easy and it is a little more clear when you’ve taken some time off of writing the essay and afterward have someone examine your work. After the first reread you notice how everything flows and how you can change around certain things to make them sound better. The strategy that was most useful was the 3 strong areas and 3 weak areas when someone points them out it is much easier to see where you can improve. The only physical copy I have of my revision is my environmental essay. This is also where I wrote out what exactly I wanted to change on my final draft. This is a very good method that worked for me, I would simply go down the list of things I needed to fix and that way I didn’t miss any of my own errors.

I have learned that the reading process is a lot more than just reading and knowing exactly everything that was told. The process is actually dissecting the reading there are certain massages that are being told to the reader that aren’t just said, you have to read into it and even do a little research of your own to truly understand it. The writing process takes quite a while and you really need to get into a zone and focus. If you are not focused than it is nearly impossible to complete. Having your ideas organized is key. Once you have your ideas down a good amount of articles that support your ideas than it is a breeze. I have progressed in the way of being able to research my topic and correctly write about it.

I believe that I have learned the necessary skills this semester because I can easily read articles, dissect them, and give a valid argument or agree with the author. I can also pick a topic and be able to write a whole 5 page essay on my opinion whether I support it or not. I can also collect my own research and explain it in an essay. I can also find research and sources that back up my arguments. I lastly, can explain the counter argument but come back and explain why my argument is better. These skills will be useful in my career and in some of my other classes because it opens up your mind to both sides. I learned that you must listen and truly see both sides of the argument before you choose a side. I still think that I could improve in really expressing all of my ideas in a better form and how to conclude the essay.

I should pass this course because I have learned how to employ direct quotation, paraphrase, and summarize for textual support. I know how to properly introduce an author and the title of the article and know how to talk about the quotations/cite and provide explanations of the quotation. I believe I have mastered applying MLA format and citing correctly. I believe that I should pass this course because although I am not the best or strongest writer I really try my best and I am really proud of my work, and because I stayed up for two whole days because I accidentally deleted all of my work while working on my final essay, where I then had to start all over again and it was so challenging having to write something over because it sounds repetitive and I almost cried but here I am somewhat alive.


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