The main argument in this article is talking about the placement in public schools and how there is much more pollution in the areas populated by the minorities; the minorities being the Latinos and African Americans. I can see the reasons why this happens, coming from a Latino family, we struggled and didn’t have a lot of money, of course my parents looked for somewhere affordable and not really paying attention to the health risks or the pollution, all we need to do was to survive and get an education.

I believe because many of the minorities don’t have the luxury to chose a school in the better part of town or have the funds for it they are left with the school that was placed in the middle of cancer and respiratory risks. This is no one’s fault but the governments’. It is unfair how the minorities are being left to catch all of these possible health problems due to the bad placement in school.

The building of public schools around hazardous areas should be banned. No child should be forced to go to school and be exposed to the pollution that can cause great damage.  The children are attending school to learn and to succeed in their futures but it cannot be possible if the schools are hazardous. Ones health is just as important as the education you can absorb.  So to answer the question, the government and LAUSD are defiantly not minding the kids.


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